Density estimates, microhabitat selection and foraging behaviour of the endemic Blue Chaffinch Fringilla teydea teydea on Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Blue Chaffinch (Fringilla teydea) Science Article 2


Point counts were used for censusing birds. Data were analysed with the DISTANCE software programs using an average detectability function. Microhabitat structure was characterized by measuring 11 variables in a 25m radius at each point. We used Poisson regression models to predict counts for Blue Chaffinch from habitat measurements. Repeated standardised focal samples were used to record the foraging behaviour of Blue Chaffinch (one record per bird). Differences in foraging behaviour were analysed by chi-square tests.

Eduardo GARCIA-DEL-REY y Will CRESSWELL, Ardeola, 52(2), December 2005, 305-317

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