The Blue-backed Tanager (Cyanicterus cyanicterus), a genus new to Venezuela, with notes on its plumages

Blue-backed Tanager (Cyanicterus cyanicterus) Science Article 1


The little-known Blue-backed Tanager, Cyanicterus cyanlcterus (Vieillot), sole member of its genus, has been recorded primarily as an inhabitant of the Guianas, with an outlying record in Brazil on the lower Rio Negro near Manaus. It will undoubtedly be found eventually in the part of Brazil, ornithologically poorly known, lying south of the Guianas and north of the Rio Negro and the Rio Amazonas. Thus far it has not been reported from Venezuela.

KENNETH C. PARKES, The Auk(86): 568-569, 1969

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