Nest and breeding behavior of the Black-tailed Leaftosser Sclerurus caudatus (furnariidae)

Black-tailed Leaftosser (Sclerurus caudacutus) Science Article 1


The genus Sclerurus consists of six species that are uniform morphologically (excluding bill length and width) and have similar ecology and behavior (Vaurie 1980). The range of Sclerurus extends from Mexico and Central America to Bolivia and eastern Brazil (Vaurie 1980, Ridgely & Tudor 1994). Typically found in humid forest, these dark brown furnariids are almost entirely terrestrial, using their bill to toss or flip fallen and decaying leaves while foraging for insects and small animals (Skutch 1969, Vaurie 1980, Ridgely & Tudor 1994). The breeding habits of five of the six species of Sclerurus have been described, based on the accounts for S. guatemalensis (Skutch 1969, Monroe 1968), S. albigularis (Belcher & Smooker 1934-37), S. scansor (Goeldi 1896, Narosky et al. 1983) and S. caudacutus (Pinto 1953)

Matthew D. Denton & Jason R. Blue-Smi, ORNITOLOGIA NEOTROPICAL 11: 173-175

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