Breeding Distribution and Numbers of Black Guillemots in Jones Sound, N.W.T.

Black Guillemot (Cepphus grylle) Science Article 2


aerial surveys of Jones Sound, N.W.T., reveal a highly clumped distributoiof nb lack guillemotsi n the early spring and throughout thebreeding season. Black guillemots are uncommon throughout much of Jones Sound except at its mouth and in the western portion. By September,most guillemots have left the area. Both early spring and breeding distributions appbeea ri n tofl uenced by the Hell Gate and Cardigan Strait polynyalocated in western Jones Sound between Ellesmere and Devon islands. Evidence presented suggests that annual variation in the distribution of iceedges in Jones Sound may influence distribution of breeding birds among suitable breedsitnegs .

RAYMOND W. PRACH and ALAN R. SMITH, ARCTIC, VOL.45, NO.2 (JUNE 1992) P. 111-114

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