Bird stories, Crested Pigeon and the Diamon Dove

An Australian Aboriginal tale. A long time ago, the Diamond Dove (Kurukuku) had some nice grinding stones. Every day, she would go out to collect seeds and bring them back to grind to make damper. Crested Pigeon (Mulambada) used to watch Diamond Dove grinding her food and often wished he had some stones like that. One day, when the little dove was away looking for seed, Crested Pigeon stole her large stones and flew away with them. Poor Diamond Dove had lost her large grinding stones and she was really unhappy. She cried so much that her eyes are red even to this day. And Crested Pigeon, whenever he starts to fly, he makes a sharp clattering noise with his wings. This is the sound of the grinding stones rattling together, the same stones that he stole from poor little Diamond Dove.



Tidemann, Sonia and Gosler, A (2010) Ethno-ornithology: Birds and Indigenous Peoples, Culture and Society. Earthscan, London.

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