First record of a Barred Forest-falcon (Micrastur ruficollis) nesting in a cliff pothole

Barred Forest Falcon (Micrastur ruficollis) Science Article 1


Between 5 March-13 May 1996 we observed a pair of Barred Forest-falcons in Peten, Guatemala demonstrating nuptial behavior and utilizing a cliff pothole as a nest site. Each morning and evening of 5-10 March, 8-13 April, and 8-13 May 1996, we heard a male Barred Forest-falcon calling from the forest at the base of a 75 m tall by 85 m wide limestone cliff. On 10 May at 18:18, the male was observed with prey in his talons, vocalizing from the branch of a nearby tree, 15 m from the cliff base. The female appeared within seconds, took the prey from the male, and immediately began eating. At 18:25, the female flew to the cliff, landed on a ledge, cleaned her beak for several seconds, and then ran into a hole at the back of the ledge

Aaron J. Baker, Oscar A. Aguirre-Barrera, David F. Whitacre & Clayton M. White, ORNITOLOGIA NEOTROPICAL 11: 81-82

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