Repeatability of reproductive traits in female Barn Swallows Hirurcdo rustica

Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica) Science Article 2


The constancy of laying date, clutch size, numbers of hatchlings and fledglings,and mean egg volume per clutch was studied in female Barn SwallowsHirundo rustica in central Poland in 1994-97 . Laying dates of firstclutches, clutch size, the number of hatchlings and fledglings and egg volumeshowed significant repeatability. The highest value of repeatabilitywas found for egg volume (c. 0 .75) ; other breeding characteristics showedmore plasticity, with repeatabilities ranging from 0 .20 to 0 .50 . Thus individualdifferences between females accounted for a considerable proportionof variation in the analysed traits . Female Barn Swallows are moderatelyconsistent in their reproductive traits relative to published values for otherspecies.

Banbura J. & P. Zielinski 2000, Ardea 88(1) : 75-80

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