Starry Owlet-nightjar (aegotheles tatei)

Starry Owlet-nightjar

[order] APODIFORMES | [family] aegothelidae | [latin] aegotheles tatei | [UK] Starry Owlet-nightjar | [FR] aegothele de Tate | [DE] Kauzchenschwalm | [ES] Egotelo de Rand | [NL]


Monotypic species

Physical charateristics

Similar to Feline Owlet-Nightar but smaller, less white markings and rufous-brown underwings. Tail pattern also differs.

wingspan min.: 0 cm wingspan max.: 0 cm
size min.: 24 cm size max.: 26 cm
incubation min.: 0 days incubation max.: 0 days
fledging min.: 0 days fledging max.: 0 days
broods: 0   eggs min.: 0  
      eggs max.: 0  


Australasia : Eastcentral New Guinea. Aegotheles tatei of Papua New Guinea is known from four museum specimens and two field reports. Two specimens were taken in 1936 from Palmer Junction close to the Indonesian border, one in 1969 from Nunumai in the far south-east, one unlabelled from the 1920s. One was sighted in 1962 at Brown River west of Nunumai


All records are from lowland riverine rainforest at 30-80 m close to hills.


No data

Feeding habits

The diet includes insects such as spiders and millipedes.


The global population size has not been quantified, but the species is described as possibly fairly common, although little known
Starry Owlet-nightjar status Data Deficient


No data

Distribution map

Starry Owlet-nightjar distribution range map

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