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The Distribution and Conservation Status of the Gull-billed Tern ( Gelochelidon nilotica ) in North America

Gull-billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica) Science Article 2 abstract The Gull-billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica) has until recently received little conservation and managementattention within North America despite a relatively low overall population size and significant declines inparts of the breeding range. This lack of attention may stem in part from the wide distribution of the species, encompassingparts […]

Fledgling sex ratio variation in colonies of Gull-billed Tern Gelochelidon nilotica

Gull-billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica) Science Article 1 abstract Fisher (1930) predicted that natural selectionshould favour equal parental investmentin male and female offspring, and that populationsex ratios at the end of the period ofparental care should be inversely related to thecost of producing individuals of each sex if fitnessreturns from investment in sons and daughtersare similar. […]

Gull billed Tern (Gelochelidon nilotica)

[order] Charadriiformes | [family] Sternidae | [latin] Gelochelidon nilotica | [UK] Gull-billed Tern | [FR] Sterne hansel | [DE] Lachseeschwalbe | [ES] Gaviotin de Pico Negro | [IT] Sterna zampenere | [NL] Lachstern Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range Hydroprogne nilotica Gelochelidon nilotica Worldwide widespread Gelochelidon nilotica affinis Japan, […]