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Berthelot’s Pipit feeding on lizard

Berthelots Pipit (Anthus berthelotii) Science Article 1 abstract On 29th August 2006, we observed several Berthelot’s Pipits Anthus berthelotii feeding along the rocky coast of La Santa, Lanzarote, Canary Islands. One bird captured a smallendemic lizard Gallotia atlantica. Dr J. T. R. Sharrock, British Birds 100, July 2007, 443-445 Download article download full text (pdf)

Berthelots Pipit (Anthus berthelotii)

[order] PASSERIFORMES | [family] Motacillidae | [latin] Anthus berthelotii | [UK] Berthelots Pipit | [FR] Pipit de Berthelot | [DE] | [ES] Bisbita Caminero | [NL] Berthelots Pieper Subspecies Genus Species subspecies Breeding Range Breeding Range 2 Non Breeding Range Anthus berthelotii AF Madeira, Canary Islands Anthus berthelotii berthelotii Anthus berthelotii madeirensis Physical charateristics A […]